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The Innate Intelligence Imperative™ Training Series




Somatic Self-Governance™

Creating the world we want to live in

In this private experiential embodiment training you will learn the basics of Somatic Self-Governance which is at the core of creating the world we want to live in. SSG is key to our individual & collective sovereignty and to building our New Free World through Parallel Societies & Economies.

In this training you will learn:

  • About The Innate Intelligence Imperative™ Call to Action!​​

  • The Sit & Slack Method™ & Somatic Sovereignty Practices

  • The Anatomy of a Trigger & how our triggers are tickets to freedom

  • The 5 R’s Trigger Tracking Process

  • How to identify your Somatic Sequence & why its imperative that you do

  • How to develop your Personal Request when Triggered

  • The 4 Imperative Agreements for Somatic Self-Governance™ in personal, professional & community relationships

*Limited to 12 participants for maximum learning & embodiment


Monday, June 19th, 2023




Free Online Event


To Register Send Email to:

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