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The Innate Intelligence Imperative™

The Innate Intelligence Imperative is my Call to Action to the human race that explicates the necessity to consciously access, integrate and embody the 95-99% subconscious, pre-programmed and hardwired innate wisdom within us that implicitly knows all the answers to not only surviving this 6th human created mass extinction that we are now in, but to thriving and bio-cosmically co-creating the New Free World that is destined to be created!

My life's work and all the work included in this website supports this Call to Action.


I am currently designing and facilitating Innate Intelligence Imperative™ trainings and writing my first book on The Innate Intelligence Imperative. 

The Innate Intelligence Imperative™ book and trainings are practical guides for accessing, integrating and embodying our Innate Intelligence and applies to individuals, couples, families, professional teams, organizations, communities and societies..

Both the book and the trainings  offer a paradigm paving, culture changing foundation, framework and process for developing ourselves and our Parallel Societies and Economies, and for co-creating our New Free World that is destined to be created!

To receive notification of my book launch and training dates and locations please send email to:

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