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Home Ozone Therapy Systems

Promolife Ozone Therapy Generators are the highest quality generators on the market. I have designed  a Basic and Deluxe Home System for you to choose from. Just click the link below to check them out.

  • All parts sourced and all generators made by hand in the United States (no Chinese parts!)

  • Family run business for over 20 years and they warranty all their generators life!

  • 6 months Exclusive Live-streamed Interactive Training Included (save $200 with purchase)

  • Use Coupon Code: HEALTHSOV for a 10% discount

  • Become the Master Self-Healer you innately are!

Water Distiller Image.jpg

Pure Water Distillers are the best home water distillers that money can buy. Drinking distilled water 

protects you and your family from a variety of known and unknown chemicals, toxins and more.

  • Water Pure is  the leading producer of premium water distillers in the United States

  • They have an excellent history of proven results over 50 years

  • Their distillers are designed & built in the USA by skilled technicians and made to last up to 30 yearsI 

  • Use Coupon Code: 777 to receive your %5 discount

  • I bought the CT Mini Classic 8 years ago, never  had a problem and I love it!

Souls in Service .webp

In this 6 month,  2 hour, bi-weekly, private, live-streamed small group experiential class you will receive the one-on-one support you need to safely and successfully get started treating yourself and your loved ones at home with your new Promolife Home Ozone Therapy system.


For less than the average cost of an initial intake  required to recieve any Ozone Treatments from a trained and qualified Ozone Doctor, you can recieve  all the support you need to start  successfully treating yourself in the privacy of your own home.

Ozone woman bubbles website ozone page.jpg

Receive supremely supportive one-on-one online coaching & ensure your successful Self-Healing with Ozone Therapy. Become the Master Self-Healer you innately are & truly embody health sovereignty.

  • Standard Hourly Rate: $160 per hour

  • 5 Hour Package Rate: $150 per hour (you save $50)

  • 10 Hour Package: $140 per hour (you save &100)

   *Packages are scheduled up front & used within 2 months

ozone sauna woman website ozone page_edited.jpg

Recover, Regenerate, Relax at my State-Of-The-Art Countryside Self-Healing Retreat Spa near Sebastopol, California. Be pampered or roll up your sleeves and do some deep inner work using a 100% natural, highly oxygenated approach. 

  • ​Standard Hourly Rate: $175 per hour

  • 5 Hour Package Rate: $160 per hour (you save $75)

  • 10 Hour Package: $150 per hour ( you save $ 250)

*One-time 30 minute required health intake & consultation before receiving treatments $75 Packages are due in full, ideally scheduled up front & used within  3 months


In your personal experiential sessions, I help you to identify, access, discharge and resolve traumas and accumulated stress on the most primary body levels in which they are stored. In-person or  online.

  • Individual Session 1.5 hour $250

  • Package of six 1.5 hour Weekly Sessions $225 per session (you save $125) 

  • Package of ten 1.5 hour Weekly Sessions $200 per session (you save $500)

 *Session packages are ideally pre-scheduled, weekly sessions, same day, same time, and are due in full before starting the Series


Somatic Leadership Coaching Sessions

Gain the Somatic Advantage and take your leadership style and skills to the next-level.  Embody and integrate Somatic Self-Governance into your teams, organizations & communities. Learn to lead bottom up, self-creating systems that engage hive mind, boost productivity & lighten your load.

  • Standard Hourly is $300

  • Package of Six Hours is $280 per hour (you save $120) 

  • Package of Ten Hours is $260 per hour (you save $400)


Receive collaborative Process Design & Facilitation Coaching that support you in engaging, aligning and mobilizing your teams, organizations, communities and initiatives from their inside-out and bottom up--while catalyzing and growing self-organizing, self-governing, self-sustaining sovereign systems & solutions

  • Standard Hourly is $300

  • Package of Six Hours is $280 per hour (you save $120)


  • Package of Ten Hours is $260 per hour (you save $400)       

Low res logo TM (4-4-23).jpeg
  • Roadmap to Trailblazing the Transition™ into the New Free World Destined to be Created!

  • Somatic Self-Governance™--the Key to Creating the World We Want to Live In

  • Conscious Contracting Purely in the Private--Making & Holding Agreements 

  • Sovereign Systems Design & Leadership Training--Catalyzing & Growing Self-Organizing Teams, Communities and Regions

  • Parallel Societies & Economies Local Launch Events--Manifesting Miracles & Making it Real!                                                    

10 Week Catalyzation Plan & Training Coming Soon!

running stream.png

Check Out:  Make a Donation for Service Offerings

Thanks so much for your Donation and for your patience in taking a few extra steps to ensure our Private Agreement supports our Individual & collective sovereignty.

Please follow 3 Step Process below.

1. Print and Sign: first print and sign the Members Agreement below (choose one).

All Purpose Agreement

Home Ozone Therapy Training Agreement

Digitally through Zelle:

Because this is a Private Membership Organization operating through a Private Spiritual Common Law Trust, I take Donations through Zelle in exchange for my service offerings. PayPal and Venmo do not accommodate the Rights and Freedoms that Zelle does through its direct, no charge, bank to bank account donations. If you are not already on Zelle it only takes a few minutes to set up an account.

415 299 4577 (this is my Zelle account number)

Cashier's Check Made out to: 
Polla Pratt

1039 A Sexton Road

Sebastopol, California


Thank YOU for your Donation!

I am really looking forward to sharing my Gifts & Supporting YOU!



2. Text: the Member Agreement below to: 415 299 4577 and if you are receiving online sessions please make a Donation using link below.

3. Donate: There are there 3 ways to donate:

1. Make a Donation/Personal Gift on PayPal

      (please declare on PayPal form that it is a Donation)

2. Make a Donation/Gift through Zelle

3. Send a Cashiers Check Donations/Gift

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