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Ozone Therapy Sessions, Coaching & Classes

Welcome to the Miraculous Self-Healing World of Ozone Therapy!

What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone Therapy is a super-powered natural oxygenation that catalyzes physiological self-healing processes. It regenerates and strengthens our immune system, energy production systems, cognitive and memory systems¸ and all primary cellular processes necessary for our health.

How does it help me?

Ozone is a natural anti-inflammatory and antibiotic that detoxifies, repairs and fuels our body to rapidly heal by stimulating, nourishing and balancing our cells at their most primary level of functioning.

"Everything you need to Get Started Self-Healing with Home Ozone Therapy is below"

Videos on Ozone Basics & How to Get Started!

In this 40 minute introduction to the War on Oxygen & Remedies to it! you will learn the basics about Home Ozone Therapy, the different applications you can use, how it works to stimulate, balance and nourish your whole body, mind and soul, and I give you a bunch of tips and tools for how to get started!

In this 1.5 hour Podcast with Alec Zeck and my dear friend and owner of Promolife Toby Segal, we discuss the health & cost saving benefits of Home Ozone Therapy, how you can achieve ultimate states of health and well-being, how you can stay out of the hospitals and become the Master Self-Healers you innately are, and how you can learn to treat yourself and your loved ones at home for pennies on the dollar!

In this 4 minute Tour of my own Home Ozone Therapy System, you will see that its super simple and You Can Do This!

To learn about buying your own Home Ozone Therapy system go to the SHOP page on this website

Private In-Person Sessions 

In-Person Self-Healing Sessions

My Private Countryside Self-Healing Spa is located near Sebastopol, California. Before scheduling your first session we will briefly connect on the phone to preliminarily determine the range of services and applications you may be interested in--this way I can best prepare the studio for you!


During our initial session intake, I will help you clarify which applications will benefit your self-healing process the most.

Preparing For Your Session

  • Arrive well hydrated (drinking lots of purified water for days before your sessions)

  • Dress in layers

  • Bring water with electrolytes to drink after your session

  • Do not take Vitamin C for at least 6 hours before and 6 hours after your treatment

  • It is best to eat light around your sessions. Ozone increases your metabolism and appetite and although you want to stay nourished, the less you eat, the more energy your body has for detoxification and regeneration.

Most importantly Love yourself up!

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Self-Healing Spa Treatments Menu 

  • Ozone Sauna (approximately 45 minutes) 

  • Ozone Intestinal Infusion (approximately 20-30 minutes) *1 time$20 additional accessory charge

  • Ozone Sinus Infusion (approximately 15-20 minutes)

  • Ozone Ear Infusion (approximately 10 minutes)

  • Ozone Oral Biome Infusion (approximately 5-15 minutes) *1 time $5 additional accessory charge

  • Bubbled Ozone through Olive Oil (approximately 10-30 minutes)*1 time $5 additional accessory charge

  • Vitality Swing (20 minutes)

  • Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (approximately 30-45 minutes)

  • Oxygen, Ozone & Somatic Health Coaching

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Self-Healing Spa Treatment Packages

​  One-time 30 minute required health intake & consultation before receiving treatments $75

  • Standard Hourly Rate: $225 per hour

  • 5 Hour Package Rate: $215 per hour

  • 10 Hour Package: $200 per hour

   *Packages are paid in full, scheduled up front & used within 2 months

Self-Healing Coaching Sessions

Private Self-Healing Coaching

Need some support with your own Self-Healing process or helping a loved one with theirs?

If so, I can help you facilitate safe and successful Self-Healing using Ozone Therapy, Oxygen Therapy and Somatic Therapy.

These three therapies naturally go together and when combined offer accelerated and substantial results. 

In our Coaching Sessions I support you wherever you are at and draw from my 25 years professional experience as a Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Resolution Practitioner and 8 years experience incorporating Ozone and Oxygen Therapy in my Somatic Self-Healing Private Practice. 

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Self-Healing Coaching Session Packages

  • Standard Hourly Rate: $225 per hour

  • 5 Hour Package Rate: $215 per hour

  • 10 Hour Package: $200 per hour

   *Packages paid in full, scheduled up front & used within 2 months

To Schedule Online or In-Person Sessions at my Private Studio in Sebastopol, California

Call me at: 415 299 4577

Exclusive Private On-line Classes & Training Opportunities

Exclusive Live-streamed Interactive Home Ozone Therapy Trainings 

Bi-Monthly, Private & Personalized

In these bi-weekly 2 hour private, customized, experiential trainings you will receive the one-on-one support you need to safely and successfully get started treating yourself and your loved ones at home with your new Promolife Home Ozone Therapy system.

I customize each class based on who shows up and what their needs are. I answer all your questions (best I can) and support you to be sure you are administering your treatments safely and correctly.

I address questions you have about your own personal conditions and situations and give you tips and tools to maximize your self-healing and to customize your own Home Ozone Therapy practice for yourself and loved ones.

These are private small group sessions and so please have your camara on. To protect your privacy and confidentiality I do not record the sessions.

I suggest you have your Promolife Home Ozone Therapy system set up and ready to go before starting classes. Promolife still has a bunch of easy to follow videos and offers customer phone support to help you get your system set up. 

Once you get your system set up, I will teach you how to use it including offering generalized dosing, concentration and treatment frequency recommendations.

Souls in Service .webp

You will specifically learn the following applications:

  • All Ozone Insufflations: Rectal, Vaginal, Ear, Nose, Mouth

  • Dental Ozone Therapy—treating cavities, infections, periodontal issues

  • Making Ozone Water

  • Bubbled Ozone through Olive Oil

  • And additional applications

Ozone Self-Healing Fairy

I will also teach you the Sit & Slack Method™ which is an imperative Somatic skill for you to have in order to be able to establish and track your biological body-based feedback loops--what is happening in your body before, during and after your home treatments. The better you are able to sense and track your body the safer, more comfortable and efficacious your home treatments and self-healing will be.


Learning to track your body IS the key to your health sovereignty and to becoming the master self-healer you innately are and to becoming your own best doctor. The better you are able to track what is happening in your body the more successful you will be in your home ozone therapy pratice. The somatic skills that I share with you will not only support you in you in Mastering your Home Ozone Therapy practice they will become invaluable life-skills that will undoubtedly support you in all of your personal, professional and community relationships as well! 

Bi-Monthly Classes are live on Zoom


from 4-5:30pm U.S. PST

Wednesday March 27, 4-5:30pm PST
Wednesday April 10
th, 4-5:30pm PST
Wednesday  April 24th , 4-5:30pm PST
Wednesday May 8th, 4-5:30pm PST

Wednesday May 22nd, 4-5:30 PST

Wednesday, June 5th, 4-5:30 PST

Wednesday, June 19th, 4-5:30 PST

*  *  *  *

**For less than the average cost of an initial intake with an Ozone Doctor (required before you can even recieve any Ozone treatments) you can have 6 months support and learn to treat yourself!

Donation for this Exclusive Training Series is only


Your Supreme Self-Healing Support is Here!

"I am passionate about helping people to become the Master Self-Healers they innately are!"

Polla Headshot (5-24-21).jpg

I am a professionally trained Ozone Therapist who has healed myself and have helped 100’s of others to heal themselves from a variety of acute and chronic conditions using Ozone Therapy. I uniquely combine Ozone Therapy and Oxygen Therapy with Somatic Therapy and specialize in Somatic Trauma Resolution and treating Chronic Illness. I am passionate about health sovereignty and teaching people how to become the Master Self-Healers they innately are by stimulating, balancing and nourishing their innate self-healing capacities using 100% natural therapies. I have been in private practice in Northern California for 25 years.

Some of my Professional Credentials & Education

  • Member of American Academy of Ozone Therapy

  • Ozone Therapy Certified; by Dr. Frank Shallenberger, Ozone Therapy Inc.

  • Liveo2® Exercise with Oxygen Therapy Certified; Whole Health Network ​

  • Somatic Movement Therapist; International Somatic Movement Education & Therapy Assoc.

  • Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Resolution Practitioner; Foundation for Human Enrichment

  • Attachment Mastery Certified; Diane Poole Heller

  • Neuro Affective Relational Model Training; Larry Heller

  • Over 900 hours of Continuum® Movement Training with Emilie Conrad & Susan Harper  

  • Permaculture Design Consultant Certified, Permaculture Institute of Northern California

  • Bachelors Degree in Business, Minor in Economics; Washington State University

  • Masters Degree in Whole Systems Design; Antioch University

For Inquiries about this Exclusive Training Series Email me:

Cheers To Your Health Sovereignty!


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