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Sovereign Systems Design
Sovereign Systems Design

As leaders bringing in the New Free World we basically know WHAT we need to do.

The trillion dollar question is HOW?

How is a human relational process. As a somatically savvy human process designer with over 25 years experience designing for rural, city, state and country level initiatives, I collaboratively work with you to co-create custom human process designs that cater to the brainstem and subconscious autonomic nervous system. In this way we build whole-person autonomy while increasing response-ability (the ability-to-respond) in grounded, present moment, self-empowered, self-governing ways.   

By setting the context, conditions and environment for deep subconscious somatic (brainstem level) safety and trust to thrive in the groups we are working with, we prime paradigm paving, culture changing accelerated human processes and practices, and co-create the relational foundation for self-organizing, self-governing, self-sustaining human systems to catalyze and grow.  

The deeper the level of biological body-based brainstem safety, the deeper the level of trust. The deeper the level of trust, the deeper the level of collaboration, risk-taking, innovation, productivity and profitability. 

I incorporate dozens of disciplines into my human process design including: Somatics, Emotional Intelligence, Polyvagal Theory, Neuro-Psychology, Living Systems Principles, Natural, Universal & Common Laws, Bio-mimicry, and New Sciences.

Educational videos & resources are coming soon! I have so much to share with you about Sovereign Systems Design and how we can collaborate in accelerated ways to bring in the New Free World destined to be created!


What do Leaders have to say about working with me?

"Polla has many talents, among them a great capability for dialogue and listening and finding the right stream of questions. Polla's work is valuable beyond measure to any development effort."

~ Frederic Richard, Director of Industrial Strategies and Policies, United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

“Polla’s Innate Intelligence work allowed us to stay creative, productive and fresh in our 18 hour meetings.  Her biological and body based approach to meeting facilitation is highly innovative, engaging, productive and fun. We wish we could have Polla at all our meetings.”
                                                                       ~ President Fox’s
                        Economic Development Transition Team,                                                                                      Mexico City

If you are leading a team, organization or community development initiative contact me to


about HOW you are designing and facilitating your process systems!

Sovereign Systems Design & Facilitation Sessions

  • Standard Hourly is $300

  • Package of Six Hours is $280 per hour (you save $120)


  • Package of Ten Hours is $260 per hour (you save $400)

For more information or to schedule a session contact me



415 299 4577

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