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Somatic Trauma Healing Sessions

Learn to surf the waves in your nervous system while you face, feel, transmute, transcend and transform unresolved trauma. Return to your naturally balanced self and to your life filled with ultimate health, happiness and JOY!

Somatic Trauma Healing Sessions

Your Traumas are Your Tickets to Freedom! 


Your Triggers are divinely designed to show you the way to set yourself FREE!

Learn to surf the waves in your nervous system while you face, feel, transmute, transcend and transform your unresolved traumas and their resulting triggers.


 Return to your naturally balanced self and to your life filled with ultimate health, happiness and JOY!

Through sublime Somatic Practices I guide you to access and re-program your inner operating system, In our personal experiential sessions together I help you to identify, access, discharge and resolve traumas and accumulated stress on the most primary body levels in which they are stored.


You will learn highly synthesized and effective Somatic Sovereignty Life Skills and if you choose to practice them on a daily basis you will resolve your trauma, profoundly change yourself and all your relationships, and feel empowered and free within yourself!

When your unresolved nervous system charges are too big to resolve and rewire yourself, I help you to:

  • Discharge Excess Survival Energies Trapped in your Nervous System

  • Incorporate Somatic Trigger Tracking & Re-Sourcing into your Daily Life

  • Embody Somatic Self-Regulation, Self-Governance & Self-Sovereignty Skills


  • Repair Relationships & Restore Deep Safety, Trust and Integrity

  • Discover How Your Traumas are Your Tickets to Freedom

  • Become the 100% Creator Being that you Innately Are!

How We Work Together

We will engage a body-based inquiry, exploration and discovery approach. The less you talk, the more you will experience. The more time you spend attending to your bodily senses in session, the more productive your session will be. It is good to remember that our traumas and issues are in our bodies, not in the stories we tell. The overall goal is brain-based behavioral changes, neural integration and increased joy and contentment.

In session I help you identify your triggers and symptoms, track reactions and responses, slow down and spread out nervous system charges, and settle and integrate your changes.

Sessions usually include working with your sensations, images, affects, meanings and behavior. We work together to support you in:

  • Cultivating a practice of mindfulness (detached observation)

  • Developing sensory awareness (tuning into and regulating your body’s cues)

  • Gaining impulse control (skillfulness handling two conflicting feelings or thoughts at the same time)

  • Accessing internal and external resources and new states of being


We will look at the stories you have about trauma and learn to use them as portals to the nervous system since trauma lives in the nervous system, not in the story.

With this approach, you can access and work directly with the deeper subconscious parts of you that are holding the trauma or stuck pattern in place — bringing relief from unresolved traumas including early pre-verbal trauma that is not accessible by standard  psychotherapies.

Preparing for Sessions

I strongly encourage you to prepare for sessions. Any time you can give to considering what is going on with you and what is most important to work on in session is very helpful. In doing so, you prioritize, orient and ripen yourself for intentional session work.

Please take at least 5-10 minutes just prior to the session to sit quiet, tune in to your body, and notice what is going on. This way, when you start the session you are, for the most part, settled as you can be and ready to work with an organized idea of what is most important for you to work on.

Post Session Integration Time

The neural changes you set in motion during session work will continue to integrate for at least a couple of days. The more slowed down and less taxed your brain and body are, the better able your system is to integrate. Drinking lots of water and going easy will allow you to maximize the benefits from each session. It is best to stay away from any substances that may impair your integration process. Post session integration time is a time of great harvesting, learning and growth. I encourage you to plan for as much time after each session as possible.


​If you need to cancel a pre-scheduled individual session, please do so within 48 hours of your scheduled time so that your session time can be re-booked. If you do not cancel within 48 hours, then you will be expected to pay for the session.

Donations for Private Sessions

  • Individual Session 1.5 hour $335

  • Package of six 1.5 hour Weekly Sessions $315 per session (you save $120) 

  • Package of ten 1.5 hour Weekly Sessions $300 per session (you save $350)

       *Session packages are ideally pre-scheduled, weekly sessions, same day, same time, and are due in full before starting the series.

By addressing your personal transformation on your most primary biological and sensate levels, you can accelerate your healing and evolution into a life you love; improve your relationships; and increase trust, creativity and connection in your personal, professional and social lives. 

For more information or to schedule a session contact me at or

415 299 4577

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