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Start healing yourself & loved ones right away in the privacy of your own home while saving a lot of money!

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Become Your Own Best Doctor with Home Ozone Therapy

Individual Sovereignty

  • All you need to Get Started Self-Healing with Ozone Therapy!

  • Educational Videos, Content & Resources

  • Exclusive Live Interactive Bi-Monthly Private Trainings


  • Private Online Coaching

  • SHOP to Buy Your Equipment (Members Discount!)


  • Become the Master Self-Healer you innately are!

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  • Private, bi-weekly, 2 hour, customized, experiential trainings

  • Get all your questions answered 

  • Learn how to correctly administer all  basic in-home applications

  • Receive the one-on-one support you need to safely and successfully Self-Heal with Ozone Therapy

  • Learn valuable Somatic Tracking skills and become your own best Doctor

  • Become the Master Self-Healer you innately are!

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  • Receive supremely supportive private coaching sessions online

  • Ensure your safe & successful Self-Healing with Ozone Therapy, Oxygen Therapy & Somatic Therapy

  • Be supported while diving deep into your own Self-Healing Journey

  • Get support helping your friends and loved ones in their Self-Healing Journey

  • Gain the Somatic Advantage and transform your life & all your relations

  • Become the Master Self-Healer you innately are & truly embody health sovereignty!

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  • Recover, Regenerate, Relax at my State-Of-The-Art Countryside Self-Healing Retreat Spa (NorCal)

  • Be pampered or roll up your sleeves and do some deep inner work

  • 100% all natural, highly Oxygenated Approach

  • Ozone Therapy + Oxygen Therapy + Somatic Therapy = Self-Healing 

  • Self-Heal Chronic illness & take your life back

  • Energy boosting, anti-aging, Maximum Lifetime Oxygenation Experience!

  • Receive Private Sessions (Individuals, Couples, Families, On-line or In-Person in NorCal)

  • Discharge Excess Survival Energies Trapped in your Nervous System

  • Incorporate Somatic Trigger Tracking Skills into your Daily Life

  • Embody Somatic Self-Regulation, Self-Governance & Self-Sovereignty Skills 

  • Discover How Your Traumas are Your Tickets to Freedom

  • Become the 100% Creator Being that you Innately Are!

Collective Sovereignty


Somatic Leadership Coaching Sessions

  • Receive Private Sessions (On-line or In-Person in NorCal)

  • Learn to Lead from Your Inside Out

  • Learn to Lead Bottom-Up, Self-Organizing, Self-Governing Teams, Organizations & Communities

  • Learn How to Cater to the Enteric Brain and Subconscious Autonomic Nervous System

  • Create Somatic Safety and deepen: Trust, Collaboration, Risk-Taking, Innovation, Productivity & Profitability

  • Gain the Somatic Advantage and build Bottom-Up Ground Swell Movements!

  • Receive Somatic Based Sovereign Systems Process Design & Facilitation Consulting from an expert in the field with 25 years experience

  • Ensure Your Teams, Organizations, Communities & Regions are receiving the Bottom-Up Support they need to Thrive

  • Ensure you are Creating the Context, Conditions & Environment that Grows Self-Organizing, Self-Governing, Self-Sustaining Sovereign Systems

  • Encourage Embodiment and Alignment of your initiative's Core Values along with Paradigm Paving, Cultural Changing, Caring, and Consensual Relations

  • Roadmap to Trailblazing the Transition™ into the New Free World Destined to be Created!

  • Somatic Self-Governance™--the Key to Creating the World We Want to Live In

  • Conscious Contracting Purely in the Private--Making & Holding Agreements 

  • Sovereign Systems Design & Leadership Training--Catalyzing & Growing Self-Organizing Teams, Communities and Regions

  • Parallel Societies & Economies Local Launch Events--Manifesting Miracles & Making it Real!                                                    

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Parallel Societies & Economies Development

10 Week  Catalyzation Plan & Full Training Series

Coming Soon!

Join my Private Portal for full Access and to receive Timely Somatic Sovereignty & 
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